Sohai friends 3 Years back Along time ago.!

OKAY guys now on I'm gonna post more about my stuff happen on personal life ok? i might also start using broken english lar. (because like this only makes you feel fresher when u read my blog mar. :P)

Along time ago we're always going for swimming by smuggling towards stranger's apartment and also having lots of fun activities around the corner of school holidays.

They are actually my friends located around my residential areas. haha we where having a lot of fun those days back 3 years ago.. Making me thinking of posting this to my blog maybe it should be urges comming from my brain juice. maybe? maybe not!

Actually i'd just came across my old phone (ugly n73) which contains lots of my personal data/photo( got wear cloths wan lar!). i would like to share with u.

Miss those days. below are some pictures back few years ago. haha enjoy my old photo.

Sohai head bangs the balls on air. .. lol..

wow? how can he do this to a friend??
haahah this one. even hot sexy post.




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