Who say handphone cannot take good photo?

Since a long time i wasn't posting my blog. sorry for that.

DO you think cellphone cannot take good pictures? then you're wrong!
Photography is passion to snap-shot the moment of life into a still picture
No matter what your camera perhaps with a heart for it and the right skill i'm sure it's called photography.

Today i would like to share with you pictures that i've taken with my phone..

A phone i've being used and accompany me for years.
i would like to share with you my photography experience.

Rare huh? hmm you may ask why wouldn't i use professional camera for photography?
Well.. the simple answer .. i cant afford one :)

Phone i used : The nokia N73
**below pictures are raw taken by phones and will not touching-up by editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Orchard Road Singapore ( wow cool place with lotz of ppl)

Penang Food .. you love it? (macro mode)
Genting, somewhere inside indoor themepark (slow shutter)
Pantai kerajut Penang cool huh? i take this with slow shutter can u believe?
Baby Dragon fruit (macro mode)
My Hamster, die liao lor (macro mode out of focus)

Somewhere in singapore, I forgot liao where is this.Flowers infront of my house. sorry forgotten flower's name (macro mode)

My dad drives cars "with a cool post" (slow shutter)
Dishes cooked by me, wat is this? (macro mode)



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