Google PowerWord (software reviews) 谷歌金山词霸

Hi, im back and again.. doing reviews on software..

Are you here looking for a software that can translate english to chinese or chinese to english? **Especially like me an english-illiteracy who needs them.

do you?

  • have you scared of beeing virus affected after loading those translation software?
  • have you scared of pc being slow down after installation?
Here's my solution base on my reviews
(**P.s I'm not hired to tell you lie they are my personal reviews.. )
I found up a software recently and I'm now doing reviews on it.
This software called 谷歌金山词霸 (google powerword) it's certified by google and writen by a china company called kingsoft a team-up with google.

Let me introduce you the features.

Dictionary search Features

Translation mode.

Showing sample sentence

It even reads any characters you pointed at on your screen!

wont' consume much of your memory / CPU usage. Makes it a great tools for older computers

like it? download here. Dont forget to give me a thanks via the comment button.


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