My blog is under repairing

I lost my widget and many more some of the application on the blog.
I will need time for modifying the template and also did some repairing on certain widgets.

Re-uploading template image to different server takes time.
In-fact you may experienced different changes on my blog during office hour .
Thanks for waiting and your patient



Jason Law said...

finally you have updated some of it today~

Want to ask you something~ But not here,maybe when we chat in msn~

Wenjie said...

yup... almost done.. i havent got time to do that . header :P

Jason Law said...

Ic..Btw, do you know how to display selected label and make it like yours?

Coz I have too many label and I don't want to show all z.z

Jason Law said...

oh...I thought it is very hard~ Got many things want to learn, but don't even know the name.. So I can't search in google z.z

Jason Law said...

sent to me already?

How's your adbrite? Not much earning dont know why...So I cancel it first

Jason Law said...

Oh..I tot only me~
Yea,google better. I think the security also better,so be careful

Btw, you said you have sent the print screen to me.. Did you send it to the correct email?or..

Anonymous said...

lol air asia!! hahaha