Villages Kids burying alive!

The story begin with a strange culture practiced hundreds of years ago by ancestors on nowhere but inside the wilderness of Amazon jungle, a Villages were...... more read below

Reports shows that there's was a small village that practices Human 'burying' alive .. Yet they are kids!

They are actually buried Human Aged from 6 months to 12 years Alive! as you can see in the Video. They are struggle to death under kilos of dirt.

All villagers participate in the ritual, ‘‘burying’’ their children in the hope that their wishes will be granted. Only pre-pubescent girls are chosen for the ritual, while no such condition is imposed in the case of boys. Those in the age group of 4-12 years can ‘‘participate’’ in this ritual.

Family members first sprinkle ash on the child’s head and then spray his or her face with turmeric water, after which the child falls ‘‘unconscious’’.

If the child fails to do so, the ‘‘burial’’ is canceled and the family fined a thousand rupees. In fact, pit diggers ensure that the children are ‘‘exhausted’’ enough so that they don’t try and wriggle out.

The child is then wrapped in a yellow cloth and taken to the burial ground in front of the temple. After the child is ‘‘buried,’’ his or her parents break a coconut and offer prayers. The entire episode lasts for a minute, after which the priest signals for the pit to be opened. The cloth around the head is unwrapped and the child is taken away by his or her relatives.

Today there still numbers of kids died by practicing their own culture.

P.s If i have AK 47 with me. I'll pull the trigger and open fires towards his brain.

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Wenjie 2009

Source: Nat geo , google

WARNING: View at your own risk. If you were unable to sleep after watching it please Don't blame me.



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so you think your life is bad? .. think again!

At least your childhood ain't taken for burying alive!


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