New Computer Casing Concept

This is my new concept of Computing Casing..

It takes 1 hours for me to illustrate N' designed.. yet i dunno why im doing this.. maybe should be Some weird feelings expressed out from my Brain juice..

as you can see its a computer casing .. unlike the traditional one.. its flat and boring.. so i decided to build it the curve way.. Added a big fan for ventilation purposes. its also a transparency casing Made out from Plastic glass now should be way better then a traditional one. also the top alloy its removable. Its colored with red, blue, green, purple, yellow and orange alloy.

Nothing special eh.. but more designs Drafting still queued for future updates.

Ahh.. This is jus a stupid design N' basic design ...
. Jus hope one day i can own a factory... manufacturing computer casing. .. ahh .. nah! Its Jus a dream :P