How to Hide/Remove Blogger Title (text)

Have you ever been annoyed with your Blog title text.. Ever try to remove them and wonder how to replace those text with your own designed Picture?

Yup.. I Had same problem occurred on my blog as you do.. Blogger doesn't allow us to remove it on dashboard..

So I spend hours on figuring out the solutions to solve it, included sourcing Google, yahoo, live search .. i got nothing from it.!

After brain squeezing hours.. i found up..
now i'm sharing my solution with you ..

1. Open Layout Under your Edit Html you will see this text box that contain alot of codes..

2. Find a line of Codes named .Blogname if you cant find try .Header1 that may looks like this. under the .Blogname its the configuration of the Title .. e.g font size .. fonts type.. etc.... P/s: It Will be freaky if you Don't Understand The language of HTML.
  • Before You edit the code it may looks like this

  • After that try to add a code Display:none; on the last line of the code.

3. Now its time for you to press Save Template. ta-da! your annoying text is gone now you can use your own custom designed Banner to replace the boring text... .. :)
  • Before

  • After

Thank you for reading.. pls post your comment.



SULAIMAN said...

WJ- Weirdy Thank you to you, because of your idea to thees us.

Wenjie said...


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