A visit to Fort Cornwallis Lighthouse

Now, I've updated my blog regrading a tourism attraction of Penang Island..

Its called Fort Cornwallis Lighthouse

It's one of the oldest lighthouses in Malaysia. It was erected in 1882 (wow..it makes me unbelievable that the steel tower constructed those years seems fine to work till today for centuries.). While during the British administration, it was known as the Fort Point Lighthouse. The lighthouse underwent renovations in 1914 and 1928. As part of the renovation, the name was also changed to Penang Harbour Lighthouse.
Being apart yourself there just makes you feel like you're living in 19th century. kinda weird feelings been there...

its also a "very heritage" place to visit.

Below are some pictures that shown as the place i visited. i will explain with you about my came and cross on those photos..

Panorama view

A Penang Port view from the lighthouse tower. Star cruise is visible from here

Ground View.. from the road side

Ground View.. from trees below

The staircase to the top of the tower. Afraid of height is one of the reason few people doesn't come up here 

This is the most horrify staircase to be climbed.. some of the seniors took 5 mins just to get them-self up.

North view, sorry i don't have wide angle lens.. can't capture them all in one pics.

The mini tower view.

The mini tower view. Komtar tower is visible from here

The heart of the light house

People coming up here..

The sea view

Fort Cornwallis is located below this tower 

Enjoy... visit penang next time if you have free time for vacation!.. ...  :P 
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Wenjay '2010