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Album name : 100天/days
Artist : JJlin
Date: 18 dec 2009
Song format: Mp3/rar for album
Size: 84 mb

  1. X
  2. 第幾個100天 "Hundred Days" (Di Ji Ge Yi Bai Tian)
  3. 加油! "Go!" (Jia You) Feat. MC Hotdog
  4. 曙光 "Twilight" (Shu Guang)
  5. 無法克制 "Obsession" (Wu Fa Ke Zhi)
  6. 背對背擁抱 "Back To Back" (Bei Dui Bei Yong Bao)
  7. 跟屁蟲 "Copycat" (Gen Pi Chong)
  8. 一個又一個 "One By One" (Yi Ge You Yi Ge)
  9. 愛不會絕跡 "Love Chronicles" (Ai Bu Hui Jue Lian)
  10. 轉動 "The One" (Zhuan Dong)
  11. 媽媽的娜魯娃 "Naruwan" (Ma Ma De Na Lu Wa)
  13. 表達愛 "Show Your Love" (Biao Da Ai) Feat. 廖君
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