Jolin - Flower Butterfly 蔡依林 - 花蝴蝶 Direct Albums Downloads (Mediafire)

Finding for Jolin tsai 蔡依林 Butterfly 花蝴蝶 Album? Then You are at the right place! Download the album By pressing the direct link Below! (Mediafire Server).

Hi. im back today im gonna share with you this album sorry for late posting.. actually it was released early this month.. sorry for delay. :)

Artist Name : Jolin 蔡依林
Album : Flower Butterfly 花蝴蝶
Audio Quality : CD Quality
Release Date :
April 2006 Server : Mediafire (Very Fast Server)
Audio Format : mp3
Folder Format: rar File.
Size : 50mb

  1. Butterfly (花蝴蝶; Hua Hu Die)
  2. Love Attraction (愛引力; Ai Yin Li)
  3. The Shadow Dancer (影舞者; Ying Wu Zhe)
  4. Compromise (妥協; Tuo Xie)
  5. Real Man (大丈夫; Da Zhang Fu)
  6. Parachute (降落傘; Jiang Luo San)
  7. Slow Life (愈慢愈美麗; Yu Man Yu Mei Li)
  8. Accompany With Me (我的依賴; Wo De Yi Lai)
  9. You Hurt My Feelings (你快樂我內傷; Ni Kuai Le Wo Nei Shang)
  10. Hot Winter (熱冬; Re Dong)

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I hope it helped for those who finding this album ..
Wenjie2009- Enjoy!


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