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My personal reviews: Awesome! Although its an old album but the music still unbeatable with others old albums. 5/5 rating. In this album, Wang continued to experiment with "chinked-out", the musical genre he had invented for his previous album

Artist Name : Leehom Wang 王力宏
Album : Heroes of earth 蓋世英雄
Audio Quality : CD Quality d
Release Date :
December 2005
Server : Mediafire (Very Fast Server)
Audio Format : mp3
Folder Format: Zip File.
Size : 58mb

  1. 在梅邊 Beside the Plum Blossoms (Zai Mei Bian)
  2. 花田錯 Mistake in the Flower Fields (Hua Tian Cuo)
  3. 蓋世英雄 Heroes of Earth (Gai Shi Ying Xiong)
  4. Kiss Goodbye
  5. 完美的互動 The Perfect Interaction (Wan Mei De Hu Dong)
  6. 大城小愛 Big City, Small Love (Da Cheng Xiao Ai)
  7. 第一個清晨 The First Morning (Di Yi Ge Qing Chen)
  8. 哥兒們 Homies (Ge-Er Men)
  9. 讓開 Move Over (Rang Kai)
  10. 愛 因為在心中 Because Love is in the Heart (Ai, Yin Wei Zai Xin Zhong)

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1. Beside the Plum Blossoms (在梅边)
The background of this song is based on the story behind The Peony Pavilion, an old Chinese play written by Tang Xianzu in the Ming Dynasty. Wang gave tapes of this play to Ashin of Mayday, who later wrote the lyrics. Wang also wrote the rap lyrics which can be heard at the end of the song. He rapped 295 words in 50 seconds. The song is performed with ancient kunqu music.

2. Mistake in the Flower Fields (花田错)
The song integrates Peking Opera and modern R&B music. It features an er-hu solo and a singing style that imitates Peking Opera, and the title is a reference to a well-known story in Peking Opera.

3. Heroes of Earth (盖世英雄)
Not only did Wang invited the popular Chinese American rapper Jin to rap in the song, he also invited the famous Chinese opera singer Li Yan. Heavy Peking Opera and kunqu tactics are used in the song, as well as an electric guitar solo by Wang. Jin raps in both English and Cantonese in the song.

5. The Perfect Interaction (完美的互动)
Wang invited popular Korean singers Rain and Lim Jeong Hee (J-Lim) to be featured in the song. The song begins with a Spanish guitar solo and contains lyrics in Mandarin, Korean, and English. This was also Rain's first Chinese song. Although Rain's voice is featured in this song, he did not record it at the same time as Wang and Lim—Rain recorded first, Wang and Lim later. Sony BMG and Wang invited Rain to be featured in the music video as well, but he was unable to participate, and therefore only Wang and Lim were featured in the video.

10. Because Love is in the Heart (爱因为在心中)
This was written, composed, and produced by a Wang Lee-hom fanclub in China as a gift for his 29th birthday.Wang was touched by his fans' warmth and therefore added a little of his own voice in the song and made it the last song of the album.

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