New Drums Cover - Dirty Little Secret.

Hi, Im back from new year break.I haven't blogging since this Jan. Because I was so lazy that almost made me impossible to update my blog constantly. Sorry for that!

More Food review will coming up soon. I might go around penang explores for delicious, toothsome and zestful food! Even Taking them down with my camera and share with you..

I have been playing drums for 7 years. Now i decided to publish a version of my own recorded cover via youtube.

Here's the song i covered with my house old Keyboard. Yea! It's hard for playing it on drums. But is that possible playing it using A KEYBOARD build-in drums??

Disclaimer: Sorry! This is my 1st time playing it on keyboard.
it happens to be Out of tempo..
This cover Might be sucks for you.
View at your own risk.!

Song title : Dirty little secret.
Artist : all American rejects
Time recorded: Feb 07 2009

lol Check it out! Sorry for my english Cause i SUcks :P



Jason Law said...

hahaha..i tot you said you didn't play~
Where do you learn your drum?you have drum at home?