International Police Car Vs Malaysian Police car

Here's some cool picture i wanna share with you again.

P.s For those sohai who actually acting cool by modifiying their "cheap milo tin" local car thinking themselves might be so cool. Some of them even drive with doors opened showing off their sohai techno music using their cheap speaker.

You may think they are cool + hot aren't you? IN-FACT did you know that they don't even know what ferrari or Lamborghini is...? Example are below.

ah- ha...oi cina babi! Ape lu caaakap tadi? Ape tu Ferrari arh lu mau fight?? ah apa tu? lu bodoh! Proton saye mia lagi kuat la! bodoh!
- By Sohai mohamad xxx Interviewed dated 18 Feb -

Please make sure they enjoy the photo i posted below :)

"I do hate mak repit and sohai car modifier"

Below are police car around the world.. as you can see how advance they are? how bout us?

looks familiar?

"Sui Boh?? Sui leh! yalor is proton waja ma. Good already ah! better then kancil can liao.. Don't say i didnt give them face.. Malaysia is always malaysia.. Got money ma but leh always learn africa saying that" we are poor we are poor no money liao lar." <-----Aiya! sohai broken english



Anonymous said...

lol. let's go padang take a real picture of our malaysia police car. haha