World War 2 Calculators?

Ladies and gentleman.
Sorry for NOT blogging so long.

I'm lazy on finding stuff this few weeks as my work flooded me. Today i came across my hotmail and somebody emailed me this topic .. i found out its quite intriguing so i would like to share with you.

Look Below .. DO YOU THINK THIS IS From the 40's?

hehe.. Look carefully

(Click to Enlarge)

You sure it's from world war 2? then you're wrong. :)

Thx for Viewing.



Jason Law said...

lol..what's that? Who are using it?

btw,you should resize your photo, it's too small to have a clear view ~

Wenjie said...

hmm u can enlarge de ma??

Jason Law said...

I thought you can choose the size when you are editing your post?

Furthermore, you can drag and re-size the picture yourself~

Wenjie said...
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Wenjie said...

no la.. i wannna putting it bigger also.. but some of my fren told me they are on 800 x 600 .. if i use too big it will cover over their browser which very troublesome..

anyway .. also lazy to reupload la..haha

Jason Law said...

Oh? As long your pictures is matched with your template, not out of size, it shouldn't be a problem... weird one~