The Moon is Smiling! Dec 1 Midnight

On a lonely ordinary night of the 1st day December. I was lonely so i decided to ask my friend for hangouts .. Wei yi and ying jie. We were taking dinner together in Farlim McDonald..

After that eating and kapsiao grandmother story.. The we went home

Once reached home some weird feelings came to me.. then i choose to take a break on my Lovely balcony. Relaxxxxxx .. while i'm talking with my friend on phone.

On a sudden ..I hock my head up for the sky.. Omg..the moon is smiling at me .. wow! it feels so romantic..I still cant believe my eye maybe its jus a illusion.. ahh! Nope .. they come out on theStar already..

Ok. here's some pics i wanna share with you... I hope those Missed this romantic scene .. you can view it here.

Enjoy :)
Taken By photographer around the world